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  1. Site URL: https://www.j-creative.com.au Hi, I'm about to go live with my site, and when speaking to Squarespace help about another issue, I noticed the font I've used for headers in my site was not appearing for them h1 { font-family: MonumentExtended-Ultrabold, serif; font-weight: 900; font-style: normal; } Password for site is: 260284 I thought I had loaded it correctly though maybe be wrong
  2. Works great! thanks for your help 😃
  3. Hi Creedon, Just added the code, its at the bottom of the custom css Thanks, Jon
  4. Hi Creedon, Thanks for getting back to me! Question 1: Changing the colour of the email and number worked though it won't let me change to the light grey so I went with white and thats all good. With the form font the code you supplied wasn't working, so I found this one online and it worked: .form-wrapper .field-list .title { color: #E5EAF5; font-family: Karla-semibold !important; text-align: left; text-transform: uppercase; } .form-wrapper .field-list .field .caption { color: #E5EAF5; font-family: Karla-ligh
  5. Site URL: https://www.j-creative.com.au Hi, I have a couple of queries regarding my site Site URL https://www.j-creative.com.au/ Access Password 260284 Question 1: How do I change the colour of the phone number and email address and how do I add my custom font to the form text and buttons? Question 2: I can't seem to remove this red block from "ABOUT" page, how do I go about this? Question 3: How do I change the colour of the arrows in the bottom of portfolio section and is it possible to change the style of this at all? for eg. make it thicker or
  6. Thanks! And if I wanted to edit font style below in the gallery page, the one with the arrows how would i change that?
  7. Site URL: https://frog-emu-zms4.squarespace.com/portfolio-2 Hi, I'm try to add a custom font to my portfolio titles (see attachment "Illustration"). I've managed to add custom fonts to the other parts of my website but can't figure out this part. https://www.j-creative.com.au/portfolio-2 WEBSITE PASSWORD - 260284 Thanks, Jon
  8. Site URL: https://frog-emu-zms4.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, I'm looking at having a hover effect with a decription similar to the below site https://4040creative.com.au/work I have done some custom CSS to my website but can't figure out how to have something similar to the above This is the CSS I'm currently using : .gallery-caption p{color:white; font-size:1.5rem!important; font-family: 'Karla-Light'!important; padding:10px!important} .gallery-caption {background:#587FFC; margin-top:-20%; opacity:0!important} .gallery-masonry-item:hover .gallery-
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