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  1. what i'm looking for is menu on click, not on hover. thanks!
  2. Sorry, I see you've answered my multiple posts and comments!! This is for www.mimiceramics.com/shop-all
  3. Hmm yes I do! That's weird! There should be a dropdown that shows up when you hover over the big plus sign on the top right. I want it to only show up with a click, instead of on hover like it is now.
  4. oooh that's exactly what i'm looking for on my website! do you mind sharing the css coding you used to force the full page (mobile style) menu?
  5. Site URL: http://mimiceramics.com Hello, trying this again now that I have looked up more info and figured out better how to ask what I'm looking for. On Brine, the default seems to be that the navigation dropdown appears on hover. However I would like to change hover to onclick. I'm not seeing a lot of CSS options, so I'm guessing I might need javascript? Are there any resources on where to find the coding I need for this? Thank you!
  6. Hmm yes, I just used CSS to use my own icon there, hiding the title of the folder that leads to the drop down. When I had it has just the word "menu" or "start" there wasn't an option to change it to click instead of hover. I'd like to remove the hover on that part, and make it so the customer has to physically click that icon for the dropdown list to show up. Similar to a hamburger icon/menu. Is this something I can do in CSS, or do I need to switch to a different template to have that option?
  7. Site URL: http://www.mimiceramics.com Hello! I looked all over the forum to see if I could find an answer for this and couldn't find anything, so apologies if I missed it. I know that the navigation action varies by template, some of them you have to click to get the drop down and some you can hover (like the template I use, Brine). However I'm wondering if there's any code to switch that and make it so the visitor has to actually click the icon to get the menu to open. And then I guess making sure there's a way for them to exit as well? Thanks so much!
  8. thank you so much! and as for the product page i actually figured it out 🙂 thank you!
  9. amazing thank you, that worked! i did just what you said, took all the coding out and then added things back one at a time. and then got rid of the things that didn't work or messed up the page. and now it looks great to me 🙂 i appreciate it so much!
  10. ok awesome, it's all commented out. if you need to look at the website i put it in private mode and the password is 1234 i plugged in the css for the full background, but it's not bleeding to the top/bottom. am i still able to have a header with the logo and such, but a transparent background? i had code for a custom user icon, cart, and making the header fixed and with a difference mix-blend-mode. thank you again!
  11. dang i tried that but it's not bleeding all the way up and down behind the footer and header. i think it might have something to do with the other css i've put in there. i'll keep trying! another quick Q: i used css to make my header fixed and have a mix-blend-mode, but it's not working on product details pages. is that a css fix and where would i put it? thanks again!!
  12. thank you so much! the website is www.mimiceramics.com (it's public) i'm hoping to take the background from my makeshift "cover page", and have that as the background for products page, product details pages, about, etc etc. instead of a solid color. thank you!
  13. yes please. i've been struggling with some coding making things looks weird. i also have one other request. the header every page looks how i want, except on product details pages. how can i make them match?
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