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  1. Hello, I set up 3 member areas (annual, monthly, free), but I want to see if all those areas can link to the same content. I tried creating one webpage which houses the content and putting that webpage under one of the member areas. Then for the other 2 member areas I created a link to that one webpage. However, that doesn't seem to work. If a member signs up for the monthly subscription, clicks the link (which goes to the webpage under the free area), then they are asked to sign up for the other member area. Since I am charging for content using multiple subscription options (annual
  2. YESSSS! I just set up my member areas, but am irritated we can't do this...unless it's in the Commerce Advanced plan. If so, I'll try to get a refund on my Member Areas signup and go back to Memberspace.
  3. Site URL: https://mindovermatterfit.com/ Hello, I am implementing the new Squarespace Member Areas, but have existing subscribers to my content through Memberspace. I am wondering if/how I can import those existing subscribers to my new Squarespace Member Areas. Thank you.
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