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  1. Site URL: https://maxishop.ca/shop we added a "New Arrival" label to new products to stand out when displayed in their product categories. Followed the link -> Adding a custom status badge to Squarespace Products. however the "new" badge shows up only on https://maxishop.ca/the-extreme-collection but not --> https://maxishop.ca/shop Where in programming code is there a change that needs to be made ? Any input ?
  2. i noticed in code that its viewed in 'lazy summary' .. which i noticed it does.. would prefer it in the 'summary' page .> Shows here, im assuming this is the "lazy summarry" > https://maxishop.ca/the-extreme-collection but not here > https://maxishop.ca/shop?designer=the extreme collection Do you have any suggestions ?
  3. no will do .. didn't realize it was a link 😕 sorry but there is a cost to this plug in .. we haven't made a sale in long time .. is there a free plug in ?
  4. Hello, i added the programming CSS and code injection for adding 'new' badge . it does show up but only in backoffice - not on the front end of the site . What is missing ? Did you have the same issue ?
  5. Where exactly do you install the plugin ? in settings > advanced > code injection ?
  6. Both acutally. We had both inserted . The Continue shopping button was shared as a CSS code from Paul and the sort + filter i believe was implemented as plug-in. we had both and currently not showing or active. Not sure if a SS update was made which caused this situation ? btw I did reach out to Paul to ask why his CSS was not not working and i have not yet received a response. Do you have any input Appreciated
  7. the plugin you sent me is for the continue shopping button ? i thought it was for the Products: sort + filter
  8. i am having the same issue |? added image to annoucement bar but cannot centre image so it is on the left of text ? www.maxishop.ca
  9. hi .. no budget. we are closed due to pandemic. working only via website and that is very slow.
  10. Site URL: https://maxishop.ca/shop as of late, the product sort + fillter block is not showing the categories . Does anyone know why it would disappear. I checked font colour to make sure it did not default to white, i check in design all parameters. Not sure what happened ? Any input ?
  11. hI.. No i haven't .. spent hours trying to find the reason.. checked and rechecked design section as well . No clue why it disappeared.
  12. Site URL: https://maxishop.ca/shop?Category=jeans How can the top primary and secondary nav be locked so when scrolling remains static + visible .? Is this a partiicular CSS or is there already embedded design settings ? Any input ?
  13. Site URL: https://maxishop.ca/shop?Category=the%20white%20look tHE CLOSING 'X' in quickview light box is positioned faaaaaaaaar right .. would like it to b where it should be , to the top right of the box .. any suggestions for this design issue
  14. Also .. in the quickview lightbox the "X" closing x is waaaaaaaay out right see attachement . how can that be moved to the left so its acutally on the lightbox ?? not sure how that was developed / positioned like that . i tried to find way to move it in DESIGN mode but no success
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