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  1. Shouldn't be a problem for me. The password to the website is: pleasehelp https://phidang.squarespace.com/
  2. Ah I didn't know, thank you. My siter URL is: https://phidang.squarespace.com/ Should I send you the password to my site via private message?
  3. Hi, I'm currently on the trial version, so the site isn't online right now. https://rust-haddock-426b.squarespace.com/config/
  4. Site URL: https://rust-haddock-426b.squarespace.com/config/ Hello, I'd like to have a smaller gap between the two images in the Screenshot 2. I used the headlines element because I can add a button in the middle of the images which I need. I know that I can just use an gallery grid to fine tune the gap betweens images. The problem is, that the gallery grid doesn't have the function to add buttons. Is there another way to get a smaller gap between the images? Maybe with a custom HTML/CSS? Thank you in advance! Phi Dang
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