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  1. @bangank36 -- Thanks for your response! I was trying to cover just the header and not the section below. I ended up creating a small blank section just below the header (and adding the image to that) and that solved the problem.
  2. Site URL: https://kitelineradio.org/ Is there a workaround for the 50 tag limit for archive blocks? I'm creating a searchable archive of audio content (hundreds of episodes with hundreds of tags), and trying to decide if I need to switch platforms.
  3. Site URL: https://kitelineradio.org/ Hi, I found a code snippet for having a background image in the header, which renders fine in the custom CSS view, but when I access the site through the browser or edit any of the individual pages, the image disappears. How can I make the custom CSS stick? I tried adding "!important ", but that had no effect. header#header { background-image: url(https://i.ibb.co/hKwHrNT/washed-out-header-bg-w-opacity.png)!important; background-size: cover!important; background-position: center center!important; background-repeat: no-repeat!
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