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  1. Ok, no, I'm back, this generates another problem where there's also padding around the background image in the cover page (top of the page I linked), and I want a full bleed for that. How do I get background images to go all the way to the left/right but, simultaneously, not have text go all the way to the edge of the window? I'm attaching two screenshots of the same page and window configuration, first without padding and then with, to illustrate the problem. -
  2. Whelp, got it. I can do HTML and I can do Python, CSS not so much. main { padding: 0px 50px; }
  3. Site URL: https://www.queerterpreter.com/ For some mysterious reason, my site has no margin/padding, which is primarily a problem on mobile. I'm aware I can add margin or padding through CSS, I'm just not sure of how to do it without it manifesting as ugly white stripes. I'm trying: body { padding: 0px 10px; } or body { margin: 0px 10px; } For the site-wide custom CSS. How do I do this so it adds space on the left and right of the text, but it maintains the dark blue of the top navigation bar and the light blue of the main background?
  4. Site URL: https://www.queerterpreter.com/ I never think to check my site on mobile, but I realized the text goes all the way to the edge of the screen and there's no margin at all. It's okay on desktop, but really uncomfortable to read on mobile. How can I fix this? I'd specifically like to mess with the margins rather than add a border, since my template (Mojave) does allow a border but it would also go around the header, navigation and (currently) full-bleed images, and I don't want that.
  5. Site URL: https://www.queerterpreter.com/ You can see this right in the home page. There's a gray background loading before images get to load in my site, and I can't find this gray color anywhere in the style editor. I'd love to change it to white so it doesn't stand out so much before the images get to load. Is this actually in the style editor and I'm missing it, or do I need to mess with the site code? Thank you! 😃
  6. No, that's not the answer. Try it out: if you immediately press tab when the site loads, you see the UserWay skip link (white and on the left). If, instead, you hide UserWay and press tab, you see a different skip link (blue and in the center). That's the one I want, the one unrelated to UserWay.
  7. Hi, @melbeestudio, I see you somehow succeeded, but I don't know how! Could you please explain? I'm trying to do the same. Thank you!!
  8. Site URL: https://www.queerterpreter.com/ A few things need to be enabled so a user can navigate a site with their keyboard instead of their mouse. I have found a code for keyboard focus, which summons a blue frame around keyboard-selected items (go over to my site and hit the tab key, you should see it), but when it gets to the navigation menu, it doesn't display the pages in each folder. So, for example, for the "Language Services" bit, if you're navigating with a mouse, three more options come up on mouseover, and you can see the blue frame around them as you tab around. However, if you don't have a mouse, you tab over to "Language Services," tab blindly three times, then you tab over to "My Research." There's no way for a keyboard navigation user to access "Consulting" (inside "Language Services"), nor to even know that section exists. Is there a way to open these menus on tab (in addition to mouseover)? Alternatively, are there any templates with these sections expanded by default, rather than collapsed?
  9. Site URL: https://www.queerterpreter.com/ I'm trying to make my site more accessible, and I can't figure skip links* out. I've found a few articles, like this one, that aren't written for Squarespace users and recommend putting links immediately after <body>, but I don't know that that's possible for Squarespace. Does anyone know how one would go about adding a skip link? Thank you in advance! *For those not familiar, a skip link would allow people using adaptive technology to skip over the navigation menu and jump straight to the content so they don't have to hear all menu items every single time they load a page.
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