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  1. I had to turn off the slideshow since it was not working properly but I can drop it back on the site as I would like to get the functionality working. Will post once I reload it today.
  2. Site URL: https://www.strataoncology.com hello - trying to determine if there is code for autoscroll on the headline banner slideshow. thrilled that this tool is built in now, but really need autoscroll functionality. I have toggled "auto scroll" with no success.
  3. hello - I have the hover working (thank you Tuanphan!) I would like to get the caption/name to appear on the image when you hover, can you advise? Site is https://bulldog-parrot-grdc.squarespace.com/config/pages Password: Strata!1 - see bottom of Team page. Portfolio worked great for my needs but didn't realize there was a portfolio item limit and need to make something similar but for 60+ people
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