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  1. That worked perfectly, thank you. 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://www.crewehc.co.uk Site: www.crewehc.co.uk Hi everyone, I'm after a little help with the calendar block on SS 7.0, this little arrow started to appear a few months back on the pop up when you hover over an even date on this site, is there any way that I can hide the arrow?
  3. Sure thing, I cheated a bit in the end as I was only looking for a solid colour fill rather than an actual image. I used the below CSS. When there is an event scheduled on the linked calendar the box will show as green, and when there is no event scheduled it will show as red (But obviously you can change the hex code to suit). Just add it to Design> Custom CSS __ //Cal Block Museum Open Green// .yui3-squarespacecalendar .compact-layout .yui3-calendar-day.has-event{ background: #06c258 !important; } // Cal Block Museum Closed Red // .yui3-squarespacecalendar .compact-layout .yui3-calendar-day{ background: #CD001A !important; } __
  4. I've manages to get to the bottom of it, thanks for your help.
  5. Hi jb92, did you ever find a solution for this? I need do do the same thing for my website.
  6. Ah that didn’t do it, I’m just looking to make the event image appear behind the date the same as it would on the desktop site.
  7. @tunaphan do you know how I can do this? 🙂
  8. Hi, no so when the calendar is reduced in size (e.g. on the mobile site) it looses the thumbnail images. I’m looking for a way that I can force the thumbnail images to show whatever the size of the calendar block.
  9. Hi Tunaphan, thank you. The site is www.crewehc.co.uk, at the bottom of the home page is a calendar block which is all in red at the moment. If I drag the block any smaller the Thumbnails disappear and just have a grey square and don't show at all on mobile devices. Is there a way to force the thumbnails to stay using CSS? 🙂
  10. Do we know if there is a way to force the Thumbnail image to display on Mobile or sub 600px calendars? I use a Green, Red or Yellow thumbnail to distinguish my events but these only hsow when the cal is over 600px in size. website: crewehc.co.uk the calendar is at the bottom of the home page.
  11. I'd also like to know this. @tunaphan can you help? 🙂
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