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  1. I consolidated my Shopify and Squarespace website and moved everything over to SS. I imported my products and then got stuck on the Sales Tax situation in Squarespace. Unbelievable. I am not entering all the NY zip codes and rates, that's insulting for an e-commerce solution. Ok, so I tested the "include sales tax" option. So now Squarespace calculates the tax included, based on the zip code, but the rates are wrong. My zip code has an 8.375% sales tax, and Squarespace calculates it as 8.74%. No jurisdiction in NY has that rate. If I take a Yonkers, NY zip code. I get 8.375% sales tax included, but that zip code has 8.75% sales tax. This is madness. It looks like I now have to manually enter every transaction into QuickBooks and fix the tax calculations there. The tax calculations in Squarespace are worthless. How are you guys dealing with this?
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