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  1. @paul2009Try this: https://www.tanisfiberarts.com/products/purewashfingering When you click on the different images, the name in the drop down changes.
  2. Thanks for your help @paul2009, but I've seen this work on other people's Squarespace pages, so I'm hoping there's code out there that I can use. I don't want to hide the other variant images, just update the dropdown as the images are selected. I sell yarn so most people will click on the image as opposed to the dropdown, unless they have a specific colour in mind and they already know the name.
  3. Site URL: http://isisfibrearts.com/ Does anyone know how to get the dropdown menu in the product details page to automatically update when you click on a variant image? It's annoying for my customers if they like the image but don't know the colour name to select. Also... is there a way to change the font in the variant drop down menu? I'd like it to match the font in the product description but I couldn't find a place to change it. Thanks!!
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