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  1. You guys rock. totally blown away by this community with a simple ask. Sitting down with it this week as things are VERY quiet between now and the new year. Thanks! I'll post and tag you guys once we've made updates to get some additional feedback. Looking forward to make things go from good to great!
  2. Derrick - Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as daft. When you say down arrow - is this a content block I'm not seeing or are you referencing something like a markdown where I wrap things in a tighter package and give them the ability to "see more" and then expand on things if they choose? If you have an example it might help me get it. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.lifelongendurance.com/runcoaching First time posting here so hoping I can get some honest feedback from all of you. We've been using SquareSpace for about 3 years and love the simplicity of the layouts (as long as we don't muck them up)! I'm asking this forum for some brutal and honest feedback. Over the years our team has grown from our small husband & wife business and from one small sector of 1:1 Endurance Coaching to multiple sectors of business. Our bread and butter is 1:1 and I have some concerns that this page seems too long and too busy. So I'm asking for
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