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    KarthikSEO reacted to derricksrandomviews in (GEO RESTRICT) Blocking a country from accessing a folder in my site   
    What you ask for is next to impossible. 
    Block Specific Countries from accesing your website
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    KarthikSEO got a reaction from bangank36 in (GEO RESTRICT) Blocking a country from accessing a folder in my site   
    Site URL: https://www.mybloggingplus.com
    Hi all,
    I am trying to block a /folder/ from my website to specific country to not see. If i do a block the/folder/ to specific country (for example: going to block all countries except India) using my hosting provider or may use cloudfare, is the Google will still crawl and index my /folder/ in SERP for all country users? or only for India users ?
    I would like to know that blocked page will not show in Google search result ?
    If we block like the above, may i receive any crawl or index issues in the Google search console?
    Please help me on the blocking of a page to the specific country.
    Please help to clarify. thanks in advance.
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    KarthikSEO reacted to Drewcifer in Blocking a country from accessing my site (geo restrict)   
    SOLVED... Paul, thanks for the response. In a different, related, post you mentioned Cloudfare.com and after you replied to this post, though you hadn't mentioned it again, I decided to give Cloudfare a shot.
    For anyone else who wants to Block Countries in Squarespace this is what I did...
    1. I started a FREE Cloudfare account and added my Squarespace website. I had to change the Name Server on Squarespace to complete the process.
    2. To do that I went to my Squarespace website then Settings, Domains, clicked on the gray box with my website URL, clicked on the gray box that says Advanced Settings, at the top of Advanced Settings I clicked on Nameservers, clicked the radial button that says Use Custom Name Servers and added the two URL's that were provided to me during my registration process with Cloudfare.
    3. Cloudfare verified the change within minutes and from the Cloudfare website I selected the tab Firewall, then clicked + Create Firewall Rule.
    4. The rest should be pretty self explanatory depending on what you specifically want to do (restrict, allow, etc...). Hit Deploy
    5. Using a VPN I attempted to access my site from my restricted country and Voila, I couldn't reach it.
    I am considering changing the appearance of the error page, but to do so I will have to upgrade to the $20/mo subscription, which I may or may not do.
    I hope this helps anyone else wanting to do the same thing. I am the end user of my website and not a developer so I spent a lot of time looking into this and I am quite happy that after 2 weeks of research that it is done, and done for FREEEE!
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