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  1. I was disappointed as well, what I want to know now is how to disable it, I have deleted my membership area but yet it still shows up on my homepage as a login button, how do you delete this? My members area in the editor pages menu does not give me a toggle switch like I have been seeing in the videos. I have even gone into the "Edit Header" and the login button is not even present there to edit or do anything. Can anyone help me because now I am confusing the people that come to my website when they think there is a sign up for a members area that does not exist, they can actually sign up right now but there is nothing there, how do I turn this monster off? It looks like I am going to go back and finish setting up memberspace, I was really hoping that the members area on squarespace would not be as clunky.
  2. Site URL: http://codydeering.com Hello, I am a recent member to square space and I was trying to find out some information here about why my Members area does not function. I'm trying to put a members area up in my website and I've done everything that I know to do possible I have read everything, I have watched hours of videos and when I test this out with various emails, then login, nothing happens, it does not take me to the members area (I have checked the setting and I have selected that the new members area menu show ) and then when I search for my make-believe members they're not even listed as members,, I am just experimenting with a free membership. The closest thing that I have read that should've been able to help me was a toggle switch to turn the members area on, but I do not see this toggle switch, I created the site first, and then I discovered the members area option and I went to create it, I paid for the members area subscription, and I got a confirmation from Square space that it says I am good to go. I created some mock up pages under the pages tab, and then under the membership area tab, but as I say when I go to login, nothing changes on the screen, although it says that I am logged in. For some reason it is not recognizing the sign ups as actual numbers, I am going bald from pulling my hair out, I cannot imagine what I am doing wrong, can somebody please please help me? Cody
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