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  1. Okay great thanks for the feedback! It looks like I've already gone in and updated titles and descriptions a few weeks ago, and have yet to see any changes show up in Google search results. Do you know how long it could take for the changes to be reflected?
  2. Hello! When searched on google, the different pages on my website show up with subtext that I do not want to be presented as it is. When Harvest film co" is searched on google, you should see in the search results my business with its website pages underneath it like this: Attached is an image with the search results as well* "ABOUT," "— · MEET THE TEAM · JAY-J SCHUSTER · ALEXANDER ..." "CONTACT," "Skip to Content. HARVEST FILM COMPANY. HOME · WORK ..." "WORK," "Skip to Content. HARVEST FILM COMPANY. HOME · WORK ..." I want to know how I can locate to change this text underneath each page title and whether it is directly through google somewhere or a place in my websites settings on squarespace. I know some of that text is being taken from my website but is there a way I can tell google to use something different? I'd love to clean up this text and make it more presentable when my business is searched online.
  3. I have the goal of removing and adding certain "underlines" to specific parts of the main navigation of my site and a few buttons that I have created that are acting as a "sub-navigation." The idea is to have the specific underlines only show the current page you are on (acting like how the normal main navigation bar does). I have the "WORK" section of my website that I have divided into three sections (separate pages) that you can access by buttons. I didn't use a folder page for this purpose in the main navigation because I didn't want a clunky drop down menu, rather a stationary horizontal list that lives on all three "WORK" pages. Right now I have the first section "E-COMMERCE" acting as the actual "WORK" page that lives in the main navigation, thus is creating the line underneath "WORK" on the main navigation. While you are on each of the three "sub-navigation pages" ("E-COMMERCE", "BRAND FILMS," and "MUSIC VIDEOS") I want an underline to only show up underneath the button of the page you are on. When you are on "BRAND FILMS" or "MUSIC VIDEOS," there is no underline underneath "WORK" because you actually aren't on the page, BUT I want that underline to still be there when you are on "BRAND FILMS" and "MUSIC VIDEOS." Let me know if there is a code that can help achieve this. Attached are two photos, one is living on the "WORK (E-COMMERCE)" page that shows the underlines, the other on the "BRAND FILMS" page, that doesn't currently have the underlines where I would like to remove on the buttons and add on the main navigation.
  4. Hey, here is the link: vuvuzela-smilodon-cj4f.squarespace.com Let me know any thoughts. Thanks.
  5. Hello, so I have the goal of creating a horizontal "sub-navigation" menu within a main "folder" page, instead of using the clunky folder dropdown menu that is automatically created with using a folder. I want to achieve this all within the "WORK" page that you can see on my screenshot. I have already found a custom css that allows me to directly click into the folder, which is what I want, to then have a set horizontal sub-navigation within that page. Attached are two screenshots. One is an example of what I am trying to achieve with the horizontal sub-navigation, and the other is what my site currently looks like with the dropdown menu. Additionally, in the event that creating this horizontal sub-navigation is not possible, is there any setting in Site Styles for 7.1 to change dropdown menu styles? I cannot seem to find any options for changing what the dropdown looks like.
  6. Site URL: https://harvestfilmcompany.com/studioatharvest Hello! I have two lists that are formatted correctly on desktop where it is two columns with their respective titles. However, when viewing the lists in vertical format on mobile, the titles stack next to each other and one does not rest in the correct spot. Is there a solution to this where a custom css plugin can be made to put the second title in the correct spot?
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