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  1. Their current main website is Squarespace but they're using a link to a Shopify page for product orders. Occasionally they sell D2C too (which would stay on Squarespace). We wanted to streamline by putting all on Squarespace as they're losing out on SEO by having 2 separate sites but can't figure out the smoothest way to do it.
  2. Thanks Paul! That's what I thought. Reason being is that they don't want to accept payment until the order has been reviewed. Sometimes the orders are quite complex - for example someone might order 20 samples of one item but each item has different configurations. I'm desperate to find a Squarespace workaround and thought I landed on something by using the form functionality but can't work out how I'd sync that to a commerce page. Any ideas welcomed!
  3. Site URL: https://kalopsiacollective.com/ Hi there, I'm in the process of revamping a client's website. They are a textiles manufacturing business who currently have a Shopify site set up to process orders but their main site is on Squarespace. We want to transition everything to Squarespace but having some issues. Is there a way to create a shop page for custom orders and invoice the client instead of having an auto-payment option? If this was to be set up through a form, is there a third party platform you could recommend to auto-process invoices being sent out from an order form instead of a product page? I'm struggling to find a workaround without linking to the existing Shopify site and would love some support with it! Thanks!
  4. Mainly Safari by the looks of it but it's also not working on my business partner's phone (a Samsung) until she hits refresh too
  5. So this is how it is on mine too (and as it should be). But several people in the team are saying on their phones it's only pulling 3 images unless they hit refresh. If they hit refresh on the page, all the images appear. I can't work out why that's happening for some and not others!
  6. Not yet @bangank36. On my mobile it's pulling up 3 initially and then when I refresh the screen it works again. Tested on 4 other phones and the same thing is happening. I just can't work out why!
  7. Site URL: https://www.nd-studios.co.uk/our-projects Hi there, I've got a site with a summary block on a projects page but for some reason on mobile, only 3 summary blocks appear. If you refresh the screen, all of them appear. It's working fine on desktop - just problematic on mobile. This is the page in question: https://www.nd-studios.co.uk/our-projects Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks! Jess
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