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  1. I have an HTML code (<script>) that I am trying to put below the nav bar on a single index page. I know traditionally one cannot put code blocks in index pages, but I am hoping there is a work-around - possibly using the footer/injection code or the header injection coding (but somehow getting those to appear underneath the nav bar and not in the footer or header). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. So, this might sound backwards and I am pretty green (but learning!) I have an index page and I would like to have a <script> HTML code appear where the BANNER usually appears. I only want this to happen on one page. I used the "Page settings>advanced>inject header code to simply "paste" in my code (pre-empted by the <body> text). This inserted my makeshift HTML "Banner" above the nav (I get it, b/c I am injecting it into the header, duh) - but is there any way to push it down? Down below the nav and into the "body" of the page? I do not want to use a banner image because they are way unprofessional and blurry (b/c it would require an image of text which is never easy to get crisp) Thanks for any help! Using Montauk.
  3. is there a reason (@RWP) that this doesn't work for the montauk template?
  4. @Tuanphan - that 100% worked & you SAVED THE DAY! Thank you!! I wonder why that is not available anywhere online!?! I am ever grateful, thank you so much.
  5. Hi thanks so much for your reply! Unfortunately that coding doesn't work (I think it has to do with the montauk family of templates??) but I really appreciate you sending that along!
  6. I am hoping to change the color of the navigation text on one page only in the Montauk template. I have seen various suggestions and guides for other templates and they have not worked when I apply them to my page in the CSS editor on my site. Suggestions included are pasted in below, but again, these did NOT work for me. I am hoping to not go into the whole site's advanced CSS and instead be able to apply it in the code injection one this one page of my site. I am able to customize the background color of the dropdown with ease using the <style> type of code injection but nothing I have tried to applied seems to affect the text color of the topnav on the page. Additional failed attempt posted below. Can anyone help? Thank you! (The following did NOT work): Add to Page Settings > Advanced > Header (Each page has page header) <style> nav#mainNavigation * { color: blue !important; } </style>
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