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  1. @tuanphan I've tried the <br> tag but that only adds the line break in the default caption and not in the lightbox caption. Any other ideas? edit: I've found a janky workaround by using a 3 per em whitespace unicode to organise the text in the caption abit better. It's a little weird but it's the only thing that I've found to affect formatting in the caption. https://qwerty.dev/whitespace/ Unfortunately line break unicodes I've found do not work. Where I am at, at the moment: It looks decent in mobile view but you have to fiddle around with the exact number of blank unicodes to insert. Not ideal but it does the job for now.
  2. Has there been an answer on how to add line breaks to the caption in lightbox? I don't know anything about coding but have gotten close to what I'm looking for using the code provided by brandon. Currently the lightbox display looks like this: I would like it to look like how it does in the default galleries caption like this, but to have this only in the lightbox and not in the normal gallery: Thank you in advance!
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