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  1. Thank you!! That worked perfectly well 🙂
  2. Sure! This is how it looks on my mobile also. It's more on the right side.
  3. Hi everyone! I need some help with coding. I can't find a way to center align the icons on my home page in mobile view. Thank you in advance.
  4. Yes, sure. Please help. I can't find a way to center align the icons on home page in mobile view. The page is https://www.lovitynote.com and the password is "lovitynotessd". Thank you in advance.
  5. I figured it out on my own. I had no clue about coding until yesterday. So, I couldn't help any further I guess. I used the following in the CSS: @media screen and (max-width:767px) { #block-d4e3011d5b8e8a543e15d { margin: auto; } } So, I believe you could replace the second line with the block ID of the block you want aligned (which you could find using the Chrome extension called Squarespace Block/Collection Identifier) and you'd be good to go. Let me know if that helped.
  6. I used code to change image block size on mobile view, but the image aligned to the left. How could I change it to be in the center?
  7. No matter what I do, the images I upload are blurry. They are all over 1500 px but still. Any ideas what might be wrong?
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