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  1. Thanks. It seems you still require a proper js video player to support m3u8 playbacks, like plyr or videojs 😞
  2. I'm trying to reuse a video block for a different purpose with javascript. Is it possible somehow to get a full link to video source via code or by other means (e.g. asset library)? Currently video source in html is shown as a blob: <video src="blob:https://website-los-angeles.squarespace.com/ac379584-faf4-48a1-b350-2a88216df79b" playsinline="" webkit-playsinline="" data-poster="https://video.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/55f9c8c4e4b09104215bfc07/6b464599-d27c-4311-91da-015f05522614/thumbnail" ></video>
  3. If you mean you don't want header to stay on top scroll, you need to removed Fixed header somewhere in header options
  4. You can try removing the background, but I will not recommend it: [data-header-style="dynamic"].header { background: transparent !important; }
  5. I think it's by design because if there were no background, it wouldn't show white text against the next white section.
  6. Are you setting the actual section to that color, e.g. do you set the first section to DARKEST 1?
  7. This code should cover everything, remove address line if you want address child labels not to be bold, e.g. Line 1, Country, etc. Address itself will still be bold: .form-block .title span:not(description), /* regular inputs */ .form-block .caption-text /* address child fields: line 1, etc — remove this if you don't want them bold */ { font-weight: bold !important; }
  8. .header-nav-item a span { display: block; }
  9. You need to target links based on page id. E.g. (you need replace with proper page ids) #collection...2189182 .shop-link { background: white; } /* all other pages */ body:not(#collection...2189182) .interior-link { background: white; }
  10. Try this instead of the 2nd block: .header-nav-item a:hover span { background: lightpink!important; padding: 5px 12px; border-radius: 50px; transition: all ease-in-out .2s !important; }
  11. If your text is wrapped into another element, e.g., span, you need to target it to have the pill effect. Can you provide link to the site?
  12. No CSS is needed, if you set the first section's color, you change logo and nav color in Site Styles → Settings.
  13. Here is a JavaScript solution, it covers all fields I believe and also is not announced by screen readers unlike CSS one. JS: addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", (event) => { document.querySelectorAll('.form-block').forEach(form => { var obs = new MutationObserver(function(mutations, observer) { for(var i=0; i<mutations.length; ++i) { for(var j=0; j<mutations[i].addedNodes.length; ++j) { if(mutations[i].addedNodes[j].classList.contains("react-form-contents")) { var form = mutations[i].addedNodes[j]; /* here we add the asterisk */ form.querySelectorAll('.description.required').forEach(requiredLabel => { requiredLabel.insertAdjacentHTML('beforebegin', `<span aria-hidden="true" class="asterisk-required">*</span>`); }); obs.disconnect(); } } } }); obs.observe(form, { childList: true, subtree: true }); }); }); CSS: .description.required { visibility: hidden; } .asterisk-required { position: relative; top: -3px; color: red; margin-left: -5px; } Source & full explanation here: https://opsqs.com/tutorials/replace-required-with-asterisk-in-squarespace-7-1-forms-properly/
  14. Yeah I tried but no luck. Had to recreate the website.
  15. So I rolled out a new site and it seems to have a feature called "New content" in section options. Not sure if that's connected, but fluid engine row height is completely broken now. Is there an option to opt out from this and bring back original Fluid Engine? Older sites seem to be unaffected.
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