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  1. Now it is hiding the cart under everything again (still incorrect) 5 minutes ago "add to cart" was on every product and just now "add to cart" is hidden on everything I am really not sure whats going on.
  2. Thank you! very helpful! Unfortunately the first code to hide the "add to cart" stopped working and now it is showing on all products again. I pasted the code into each page under settings -> code injection. (see screenshot below) Do i need to put the code on each product individually instead? https://nktextile.com/solids/charisma Yesterday I added a "scroll to top" code, could this have interfered?
  3. Site URL: https://nktextile.com/ I would like to hide the "add to cart" button on some product pages but not all of them. Our company sells wholesale fabric and masks however we ONLY want to sell the masks on our website. I want the "add to cart" button to show for the products shown under "Buy masks" example https://nktextile.com/masksandmore/solid-mask-red I dont want the "add to cart" button to show on any of the items shown under "NK Fabrics" example: https://nktextile.com/foil/prismatic
  4. I want to sell the products under "buy masks" but do not want to sell the products shown in the categories under "nk fabrics". For now, we only sell our masks on our website and not our fabric https://nktextile.com/
  5. We sell only some items on our website and I need to hide the add to cart button on only a few pages and not throughout the entire site. I switched templates to the "Impact" template and now the "add to cart" button is showing on every product page.
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