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  1. @tuanphan worked for me! Thanks! URL: https://www.shalenawhite.com
  2. @IXStudio sorry for so many questions, but also do you know how to capitalize the Continue Shopping text?
  3. @ixstudio also how can I move the shopping cart button so its not on the same line as the text: "You have nothing in your shopping cart". I would prefer to have it on the next line with centered alignment. Thank you for all of your help.
  4. @IXStudio can you please tell me how to customize the overlay background color and text color so that when the mouse hovers over the button, it changes color of both text and background? Thanks. My website url is https://www.shalenawhite.com
  5. @IXStudio this worked for me and added a button to my continue shopping link on the cart page. Thanks so much!!
  6. @annakatjordan, @PracticalPorpoise said how to fix it in their post above, and it applies to 7.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Found a fix to this problem in another thread and thought it might be helpful to post it here: To fix this mess that Squarespace has created with their asinine default settings, do the following: Menu > Design > Section Themes Select the theme of the section where your images are displaying incorrectly. You'll have to do this for all offending sections. Click on the offending image, which selects it's widget type in the styles options list. Choose 'image overlay' and move the white circle in the bottom ribbon all the way to the left. This will then display transparency correctly.
  7. thank you! the combined knowledge here helped me fix the problem.
  8. @TokyoJimu hidden pages would go in the not linked section. Like for example instead of having a navigation link called Home Page, I hide that link in the "not linked" section. Then I edit my logo or business name in the header and add a hyperlink that leads to the hidden home page when that logo is clicked on. Hope that helps!😀
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