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  1. Hello! I recently created a site for a friend who has opened a private psychotherapy practice. After being live for a couple weeks now, search results for her name and related keywords have been slowly improving, but her practice doesn’t show up on Google maps or on the map view when searching for her by location. I offered to set up a Google My Business account, but she was hesitant to do this because she was unsure if she wanted to make it easier for patients (or former patients) to leave reviews for her, due to the nature of her work. Because it’s a psychotherapy practice, HIPAA privacy laws make it difficult to respond to negative reviews while maintaining patient privacy (I think they have to say something unhelpful and generic like “Due to HIPAA regulations, we are unable to respond to individual reviews, but we take all feedback seriously...”). So just a couple of questions for anyone who knows more about this than I do... 1. Could she eventually show up on the map by default, without doing anything? And in that case, will there automatically be an option for people to leave reviews, regardless of whether she has a Google My Business account? Or does a business have to have the GMB account to get reviews? 2. In Google, there’s a link to “add a missing place” and submit a place, which I assume I could do without setting up a Google My Business account. But would doing this automatically activate the option for people to leave reviews? I guess I’m thinking that if people will eventually be able to leave Google reviews for her anyway, we might as well set up a Google My Business account now to help her show up on the map and in search results now. But just want to make sure I’m explaining this accurately to her. Thanks!
  2. Chubacca, thanks for the thoughtful suggestions! The button colors have been bothering me, too. 😂 We like the dark teal in general (I actually started with that because it was the color she had chosen for an early iteration of the logo on her first business card, and the only real starting point I had for a color scheme), but I also haven’t been a fan of how the teal buttons look against any of the colored backgrounds. I’m going to keep tinkering with those or maybe try the no-fill buttons since those seem to be trending now anyway! Also going to test out using some black or dark gray paragraph text and see how that looks. Thanks!!
  3. Well, this appears to be solved after I resubmitted the site map and requested reindexing again - there really was no robots.txt error, but for some reason after resubmitting it just worked! Just leaving this here in case it happens to anyone else and they find this 😄
  4. Junipurr, Thank you for the suggestions and feedback! I was also feeling like the homepage was on the long side, so I’ll play around with some anchors near the beginning and see how that feels. Could you tell me what browser you used to view the site and whether it was desktop, mobile, or tablet? The logo doesn’t appear that way for me, so I want to see what you’re seeing! (The mobile logo is a different version in which the “Behavioral Health” is underneath the “DW,” but that’s intentional and not what it sounds like you are describing. On desktop the logo text should all appear on the same line.) Whether “women” appears on the same line as “girls” in the first banner seems to depend on what size window you’re viewing it with- I agree it looks better on the same line and will see if I can force that without messing with the line spacing! Also like your suggestion about the Current Patients tab, we definitely do not want anyone to think we’re highlighting actual patients! 😂 Thanks!
  5. Ok, will definitely consider that! I had hoped that the top banner photo and tag line would make that obvious so it’s good to know that was not your impression!
  6. Site URL: https://www.dwbehavioralhealth.com Hello all, This is the first site I've designed on Squarespace (I've done a couple on WordPress previously, but really still new at this!). This was for a friend of mine who recently started a private psychotherapy practice focused on working with young women and teen girls (ages roughly 10 - mid-30s). The main audiences for the site are parents of teen girls seeking help for their daughters and young women seeking therapy for themselves (she also wanted to be accessible to teens themselves, who may be checking her out before their first appointment). Secondary audience would be other professionals (i.e., other psychologists, school counselors, attorneys) who would want her to perform psychological testing, assessments and evaluations as a consultant. With that in mind, I'd love your feedback on really anything - the content, design, colors, usability, etc. Thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://www.dwbehavioralhealth.com Hi all, This site went live about a week ago and I immediately connected it with Google Search Console, submitted the sitemap and requested indexing. Within a few days, all of the site's pages EXCEPT the homepage were showing up in search and show in Google Search Console as successfully submitted and indexed. Only the homepage shows up as excluded and the reason given is "Blocked due to unauthorized request (401)." When I click on the help link within Search Console, it brings me to instructions about verifying GoogleBot that unfortunately are of no help to me as a newbie at this stuff (the first step is to run a reverse DNS lookup on the accessing IP addresses using a host command? What is that?). 😭😞 Does anyone have any Squarespace-specific instructions about how I can try to verify GoogleBot to see if that is indeed the problem here? OR, is this all something that might just be normal in the first few weeks after a site goes live, and I should stop worrying and just hope Google finds everything eventually? As a side note, one thing I noticed while going through Google Search Console is that there are results for both the main homepage, www.dwbehavioralhealth.com, and for www.dwbehavioralhealth.com/home. Could the fact that the homepage has a URL slug be messing with Google somehow? Or does that have nothing to do with anything? For example, www.dwbehavioralhealth.com/home is listed in search console as "Discovered - currently not indexed" while the main URL (no slug) is coming up as blocked with the 401 message above. 🤔 Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Please let me know if more details are needed in order to help. Thanks so much in advance!
  8. I think it looks great, from one consultant to another! Love your colors and fonts, very intuitive, well written. Well done!
  9. Site URL: https://cowbell-blue-fs45.squarespace.com/ Hello! I’m almost finished a site on 7.1 but just realized the 3 columns in the “Services” section of the homepage (Individual Therapy, etc) are a bit too squeezed on a tablet (they’re fine on desktop and stack normally on mobile). The icons look OK, but the text is wrapping onto the next line. I’d prefer to keep my columns but just adjust the width so that they display properly on tablet, but alternatively could also use some code that would force just this section to stack on a tablet view. I don’t want to affect the entire page or site- just this section. Thanks so much in advance for your help!!
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