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  1. @kale, that saved the day! Indeed, my HTML in the markup block was just . Your answer here helped answer several other questions of mine about using the markdown blocks. Thanks again for helping out!
  2. Hi @kale, thanks for helping out! I just tried adding that declaration but it had no effect on the alignment. Here is a link to the page with the stubborn markup blocks: https://stephanie-calabrese-8bes.squarespace.com/config#/|/browse-replays Any thoughts?
  3. I am using a markup block to create some text content with different formatting than the typography styles I am currently using in the style editor. Everything I have set in the custom CSS menu is correctly targeting the markup block text, aside from the 'text-align' property. No matter the setting, the text remains left justified. I would like it to be centered justified, however. Below is the CSS I am using: scenario { font-style: normal; text-align: left; font-weight: 300; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.8em; color: #2e4259; } Any thoughts on why this text refuses to center align would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks, Kale. That seems to make sense, but for some reason that code is changing the weight of the horizontal rule and not dealing with the padding alone. As soon as I plug it in, the rules get bumped up to 10px in weight. Not exactly sure why a padding command would effect the weight…?
  5. I have tried this bit of code: hr { margin: 3px; } and it worked, to an extent. The problem being it's adding a margin around all sides of the horizontal rule. As the margin px value increased, the shorter the horizontal rule got. I would like to be able to only effect the top and bottom padding of the horizontal rule. Can someone point me in the right direction to adjust this value? Much appreciated.
  6. Very true, to an extent. The amount of people I have had to tell how to take a screen shot vs. the amount of people I had to tell how to save an image from a website is quite different. I know we can't cover all bases, but if we can protect a few from the screenshot challenged then I am fine with that.
  7. @foleyatwork: that is a pretty slick option to prevent dragging images off to save, and it also appears to work at preventing 'right-click + save as'? However, it only seems to work on our full-screen images, and not on our gallery thumbnail grid images. (as seen here: http://fameparties.com/becca-katzmann-atlanta/ ) Is there a way to amend the code to prevent the 'right click + save as' on our gallery thumbnail images? thanks!
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