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  1. Site URL: https://www.seabirdcoffee.com/buy-coffee Hi all! I'm trying to figure out how to make my categories on my product pages a drop down and I haven't found other code for this. I'm looking to see if there's code to make the categories in the Sonora template a dropdown menu, either hamburger or a sideways carrot dropdown, also possibly with 'Categories' above the dropdown. Also looking to reorganize the order of the Categories on our coffee page. (possibly doing the same for Merch later down the line. 1. Single Origin, 2. Blends, 3. Light Roast, 4. Medium Roast, 5. Dark Roast, 6. Espresso https://www.seabirdcoffee.com/buy-coffee https://www.seabirdcoffee.com/seabird-swag Thanks ahead of time!
  2. Thanks Tom! That code works great! I changed the color and margins on all sides to fit what I wanted and it looks great! Any idea on how to fix the spacing of only 2 products on the page while the template is set up for 3? I need our other product pages to have 3 per row so I can't change that. Thanks ahead of time for any answers! https://www.seabirdcoffee.com/subscriptions
  3. Hi all! I'm using the Sonora template and trying to just see if I can add text in between the page Intro and the Product gallery. Currently I just have this text in my Intro. I've already tried a code I found in the forum with no luck. This was the code > <style> div#content:before { content: "Grab some of our delicious coffee! Roasted, bagged, and packaged by us with love!"; display: block; text-align: center; color: black; font-size: 20px; margin-bottom: 50px; } </style> https://www.seabirdcoffee.com/buy-coffee I also am looking to center the products on a page where I only have 2, my products are set up for 3 per line due to my other pages. https://www.seabirdcoffee.com/subscriptions Thanks ahead of time!
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