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  1. I understand. Is there a way to add them to the Header manually? ( Spaces, Objects, About, News texts on the Home page )
  2. Site URL: http://www.chinchilla-dog-gljs.squarespace.com So, I am using the Zion template for my website and on the homepage by default it has three text body's that act as links to pages. My problem is, these pages that those texts on the homepage link to, are not visible on the Header. The way around this, which is counter intuitive, is my made 2 pages; for example I did this with the About & News pages. As you can see in the IMG 1, there's a News text at the center of the page and also in the Header. They both link to identical pages, but they are different pages internally. The
  3. Thank you, but it seems that option is locked under "Business and Commercial Plan" only. Is there another way around this?
  4. Site URL: http://www.chinchilla-dog-gljs.squarespace.com Title says it all; is there a way to have different logo's on different pages? The logo on my home page is black, in front of a lighter gif. However, other pages (like the Work page) are black, and you wont be able to see the logo on there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Password: qazedc123
  5. Sure its: chinchilla-dog-gljs.squarespace.com Password: qazedc123
  6. So I have a Gallery block displaying images that lead to projects. I have their titles underneath as captions but the spacing is just too big. Is there a way to decrease the Horizontal spacing where the text is? I know you can shrink/increase the Spacing when editing the design of the Gallery block but it shrinks it proportionally, both vertical/horizontal. I included an image below showing what I mean. Alternatively, I was thinking if there was a way ( instead of having the caption underneath ) if you can hover over the images and have the titles appear as texts. I know SquareSpace does
  7. So, I know this question has been asked hundreds of times but now its my turn to ask. How can I shrink the horrendous size of the Footer, and the Header to my Homepage? Ive tried inserting other's CSS codes into the Custom CSS space in the Design editor, but none of them seem to work. I know virtually NOTHING about CSS, except that you copy & paste some code into the box and something happens. This seems to be the only way to shrink the Footer size. For the Homepage at least, I want the page to be a single STILL page, no scrolling up/down or left/right. I think I can achieve that by
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