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  1. I'm another gigacube user with exactly this same issue, no picutres uploading and 502 errors everywhere. I've checked with vodafone and squarespace and they're both blaming the other. Has anyone had any joy with this? Cheers C
  2. Thank you So much! I'd lost that page completely in my wandering about! All sorted now. Many thanks.
  3. @paul2009I must be being really dumb - I'm adding it into the Settings-Advanced-CSS Injection and then scrolling down to the order confirmation box and inputting there, but nothing is changing when I test the order.... What am I missing? Thanks so much for your help so far...it's very much appreciated!
  4. Hi @Paul2009 Thanks for linking me in here, I've tried adding this to my CSS a few times but nothing seems to be updating - am I missing anything really obvious? I've adjusted what my CSS message is saying but not messed with any of the other code, but the confirmation page isn't changing - it remains as it was originally. Any help would be greatfully appreciated from a code novice! Thanks! https://www.merrygoroundglasgow.co.uk/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5fce0c9abfb4c51ffaedc9b9&authCode=NWZjZTBjOWFiZmI0YzUxZmZhZWRjOWI5OjIwMjAtMTItMDdUMTE6MDY6MDIuMTg3WmH4S1QnNjCFFMIBKBe5vJSwPeA6XJdwQhfg-7U37d_z
  5. Site URL: https://www.merrygoroundglasgow.co.uk/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5fce0184bf18b53683afaa51&authCode=NWZjZTAxODRiZjE4YjUzNjgzYWZhYTUxOjIwMjAtMTItMDdUMTA6MTg6NDQuNzg3WnhHwO4z7IORPKphXdYhA-mFKO1-fC3lmgI3_fxkbpQg Hi there, I'm trying to add the phrase "If you don't recieve your order confirmation in the next hour, please check your spam folder" Is anyone able to help me with the Code and where to put that in? Many thanks
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