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  1. Site URL: http://www.hausofvain.us Hello all, I would like the mobile version of my website to have two-three columns on the product pages instead of one. Before the latest update, I was able to rotate my phone when viewing online, and there would be three products visible per row. Now, there is only one product per row, which makes each product seem like a "featured item," as each product covers the entire screen. I know that Squarespace has made it impossible to change the columns for mobile with the latest update, but I searched ways to do it via custom CSS. I tried to use the code myself that I research, but to no avail. Ie: when visiting my site and clicking the Vintage Shop category in the header, then selecting a subcategory, let's say Sportswear, I would like for my site to have two-three products displayed at one time, opposed to one big block featuring one item. I have a ton of products, and being that ecommerce is the go to form of shopping nowadays, I would like for it to be easier for the visitor to view all of the products. Having 2-3 products viewable at once literally doubles-triples the exposure that my products have to the visitor. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!! thank you very much in advance!
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