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  1. Thank you @derricksrandomviews. That perspective certainly helps. Working in software myself, I can't help but view the release of each update as moving all previous updates one step closer to obsolescence. Last thing I want to do is completely rebuild my site every couple years
  2. Hi @paul2009, could you explain a little? I'm trying to set up a site now, and it feels wrong to use something already outdated (7.0). So I've been working with 7.1 a bit, and while it is quite flexible, there are loads of quirks. The flatiron template has a nice split scroll feature for project pages, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to create anything that fancy with 7.1 And I'm surprised to hear you say the 7.0 templates are newer and more flexible than 7.1; was that a typ-o or am I missing something? Thanks in advance! Sam
  3. Hey all, I'm trying to build a portfolio site, and to me the Flatiron 7.0 template is super elegant. Once you click into a project, there are 2 independently scrolling columns, one for the text and one for the images: Check it: https://flatiron-demo.squarespace.com/ It sure feels wrong to embrace an already outdated version (7.0), but from what I can tell, as flexible as 7.1 is, there is no way to create scrolling like in the flatiron template. Ideas anyone? Thank you in advance for your help! Sam
  4. I just checked and the issue appears to be fixed on my end 🙂 That was fast! Hope it sticks.
  5. Yikes. Redoing every page sounds like a total nightmare. And, assuming this is fixed, a huge waste of time. While I wait, I had to postpone 2 job interviews while squarespace unbreaks their stuff. I'm definitely considering switching to another platform after this.
  6. I started a chat with support and the rep said it could be DAYS before a resolution. This must be affecting countless people, pretty disappointed. The CS rep was great through.
  7. Here's another screenshot showing the nav and the gallery grid both recognizing the max width, but none of the other sections are 😞
  8. Hello friend. I just posted this: I think the two may be related?
  9. I have a published site in 7.0 that seems to be working just fine. I have recreated that site in 7.1, and it WAS working fine until this morning. Suddenly this morning some of the content blocks stopped respecting the max width. Everything just bleeds all the way out to the site margins. See attached. You can see right in the screenshot I set the site max at 1400 px and yet some of the content is still full width. I changed nothing overnight. Just opened my site this morning, and everything was misaligned. Anybody have ideas? Thank you in advance! - Sam
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