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  1. Site URL: https://www.joinwavelength.com/affiliate-signup I have a hyperlink in this form (it's the text that says "Download the app here." I'm accomplishing this by typing in the following text: Is there a way to change just the text color for this hyperlink. I want the other description text to remain the same, so I can't just change the theme's font colors. I want to make this hyperlink blue so it's more obviously a hyperlink.
  2. Site URL: https://www.joinwavelength.com/affiliate-signup I'm trying to create a scrolling box in my form with terms and conditions in it, followed by a checkbox where someone checks "I agree." Right now, I'm getting around this by having a text box filled with the terms and conditions as placeholder text. However, of course, if someone typed anything in the box, the terms and conditions would vanish. Is there a way to put the terms and conditions as the description for the following block (which is a checkbox), but then format it so it's a scrolling block, rather than an extremely long piece of stagnant text.
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