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  1. Hello Tuan, Yes open to any suggestions you have! Thanks, -Anqi
  2. Thanks stressbunny for the help! Will give the code a try and also see about contacting the template creator. Thanks so much for your kind words on my work. 😊
  3. Hi stressbunny, Thanks for your response! I viewed my website on both a 24 inch pc monitor, and on my 13 inch macbook pro monitor. When I view it on my 24 inch monitor/pc, it looks great and I can clearly see the whole layout of my website, specifically the fixed sidebar navigation and social icons. However, when I view it on my 13 inch macbook pro a good chunk of the fixed sidebar is cut off. The only way to view the full page is by zooming out the chrome browser to 80%. Attached below are samples of how it looks on the different monitor sizes: I'm try
  4. Site URL: https://www.anqi-wu.com Hello! I am currently using the Wells template and really like the fixed sidebar navigation. However, for some reason the bottom part of my sidebar is cut off on the screen. The social link icons which are suppose to be at the bottom of the navigation aren't showing. Example below: The only way to get it to show is when I resize my Chrome browser to 80%. Example: Is there a custom css code available to auto resize my website so nothing is cut off, or to be able to just resize the sidebar navigation (20% smaller) so that I can get everyt
  5. Hi loueeze, Thank you for the help! If possible, I want to find some way to keep my sidebar navigation as fixed. However, for some reason, the social icons on my website are getting cut off on my screen. When i resize my Chrome browser to 80%, that's the only way I can get the full sidebar navigation to show (as shown below): Is there any custom code available to size down my side-bar navigation so I can get everything to show? Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://www.anqi-wu.com Hello, I was wondering if there is any custom css code available to adjust the outer padding and site height of my website? I am currently using the Wells template. The style editor menu allows me to adjust the outer padding but only to a max value of 80px. I was wondering if there is code available for me to adjust the padding past the 80px limit, for example 90px or 100px. As well, the style editor menu lets me adjust the site width, but no option to adjust the site height which I would also like to be able to customize. If anyone could help that would be
  7. I grouped the items as best I could into a folder, though I am still getting slight cut off on my laptop screen. Worse case I will switch to non-fixed sidebar if that's my only option. Attached below is the updated image of the new sidebar nav with additional folder items. If possible, is there still any custom css code available to adjust the outer padding and site height? If it is easier I can upload the request as a separate thread topic. For example, I want to adjust the outer padding to be 90px or 100px (it's currently at the maximum range available on the style editor m
  8. Thanks for the code! I tried it out, while it did help by showing more of the sidebar navigation when I was viewing on my 13 inch laptop; it was still cut off a bit at the bottom. Alternatively, is there anyway to play around with the outer padding of the website or to shorten the overall height of the site so that it doesn't get cut off when viewing on smaller screens? For example, on my site styles menu I can adjust the outer padding (only to a maximum of 80px) and the width of the website, however there is no option to adjust the height (shown below). Is there a CSS code to be able to ad
  9. Thank you for the help! I will look into these options! Do you happen to know any custom css code that can be used to auto scale the sidebar smaller when viewing in smaller screen sizes (laptop for example)? I really like the fixed sidebar and would love to keep it on if I can.
  10. thanks for letting me know! I double checked on my 13 inch macbook and it seems to be having the same issue with overexpanding (the whole sidebar is only seen when my chrome browser is shrunk down to 80 percent), however anytime i visit on a pc it seems to display perfectly fine. anyone happen to know how to fix this issue? thanks! -anqi
  11. Thanks for sending me the screenshot. Oh no, I'm not sure why it's not showing up. I double checked on other browsers as well as other friend's computers, but the social links seem to be appearing when they go on the site. It's also appearing as well when on mobile view. Is there anything I can send you to check the code or figure out why it doesn't seem to be appearing from your end? Would this screenshot be helpful at all?
  12. Hello! The social links are located at the bottom of my sidebar. You can see here in the screenshot highlighted in yellow:
  13. Site URL: https://www.anqi-wu.com/ Hello, The hover on my social links doesn't seem to be working properly. When I hover over a social link, the other icons get greyed out versus the one which has the active hover. Is there some way to fix this issue using custom css? I'd like for the social icon button to turn grey when there is a cursor hovering over it, similar to how my other buttons are done. Right now it seems like it is doing the opposite. Thanks, -Anqi
  14. worked perfectly. thanks so much for the help! -anqi
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