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  1. Just wanted to check back in here and see if anyone had a passing thought on how to best handle this? Thanks again! -NiceDay
  2. Site URL: https://nicedayahead.com Good Morning SQSP fam! I have a quick question regarding updating pages: We have had our site running for some time now but are in the midst of a mini-update to certain pages (home, studio, and some work pages). We've decided to build the replacement pages as new pages instead of editing the current live ones as we are playing around with some unique layouts/ animations etc. My question is, when we are done building the replacement pages, can I disable the current "home" page and assign the newly built home page as the default without hurting SEO? The slug would transition to the new page and I would disable the old home page- in theory, I believe this won't be an issue but I wanted to check with everyone here before executing these changes. I hope this makes sense- please let me know if I can clarify anything and thank you ahead of time for your help!
  3. Hey D_MMH and sqsp community- any luck here? I am having the exact same issue and would love to get it resolved. Thanks!
  4. also jumping into this conversation- would love to know if there was a solution @CarolynSmith and @TOMweb - I too will be looking to execute something identical on a new site. Cheers!
  5. Hey @kindandbrave - just curios if you were ever provided a solution here? Currently developing a website on SS and ran into a very similar problem with a number of our photos looking significantly less vibrant/ rich than the native file. @tuanphan any chance you know why this might be happening? Thanks all!
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