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  1. I'm using 7.1 so is Design -> Custom CSS, the place I need to be? I tried it there too but not working. Yikes, I'm sure it's something very simple. To be honest I'm struggling with everything to do with the mobile menu overlay. I finally found a way to reduce the font size and line height, however by reducing the line height I now have a strike through my nav title which I'm led to believe is actually an underline, it's just my line height set to low (which I wanted for the display of pages in the drop down menu. What I would really like is the folder titles in the drop down menu to be one
  2. hey @bangank36 my site is https://flatworm-finch-f4nw.squarespace.com/config/pages Thanks so much for your help
  3. @tuanphan you don't happen to know how to add line breaks between your nav folders in the mobile menu overlay? also still on the topic of mobile menu overlay, do you know if is possible to have the font size larger of the nav folder than the font size of the pages within the folders? hope that makes sense? thanks so much in advance. Ross Site is https://flatworm-finch-f4nw.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css
  4. Hi. I wonder did this work? I tried to use the code on my site but didn't work. My site is https://flatworm-finch-f4nw.squarespace.com/config/pages
  5. Hey, I'm completely new to CSS. Hope you can help. When I copy your code into the page header, it just displays the code itself above the header when complete. I'm obviously copying the code in wrongly? Thanks so much
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