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  1. Hey @creedon, thanks! When I read over what you said, I realized what part of the CSS might be causing an issue - I used padding to move the logo slightly to the right as I felt it was a bit too close to the burger icon. When I removed the CSS and changed the max-height to 60px, it didn't fix it completely, so I also changed my CSS a bit to solve the issue. It's not perfect, but here it is: // Move logo just a smidge // .header-mobile-logo{ padding-left: 25px !important; } // slightly resize logo in mobile // @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .header-mobile-logo img { max-h
  2. Site URL: https://www.outbrnd.com/ Hey guys, I'm having some weird issue of sorts where on mobile (I'm checking using a Note 10+ and an iPhone Xs, but it's also visible on emulator), the site has a weird 'empty space' - for lack of a better way to describe it- on the entire right side of the screen. At first I didn't notice this, but then I saw that I could scroll from left to right on the site - so I zoomed out and then saw the gap. I'm not too sure what's causing this, and if I remove all of my CSS, the gap is still there.... so I don't know how I did this. Site name: O
  3. Hey guys, I've been trying to get 5 images aligned in a row on my site. At first i tried to just adjust the spacing settings, but it changed nothing - shrinking it doesn't adjust the page sections, but enlarging the space does squeeze everything back in (so i'm guessing there's some sort of minimum width in the page sections?) So I decided to try fixing the size of the images with CSS, which led to me having this problem The images resize, except for those 2 on the right, and then they all align themselves to the left for some reason? So, I'm not too sure how to
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