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  1. Site URL: https://koala-recorder-yw4z.squarespace.com/config/pages SS 7.1 How can I reduce the space between the header and the product image + title. I've hidden the breadcrumb trail so that might be adding to it. Is there some coding I need? Many thanks
  2. hi, i wondered if you could help, you had replied to a message on the forum but i didn't see it for ages. we want to go live with this site today or tomorrow and this is one of the last issues to resolve

    how can i reduce the space below add to cart and the additional information text below. i have a big gap. where it reads how to use your shampoo bar

    thank you


    Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 09.11.34.png

  3. hi, I was wondering if you could help

    I'm trying to reduce the space below Add to cart and additional information below, the website is in 7.1. I've asked in the forum but have not had any luck. thanks so much


    1. tcp13


      Hey there @MyfWebb,

      Sure thing! Navigate to Design > Custom CSS and paste in the following code:


      You can tweak the "0px" value to your liking (default was at 75px).

      Hope this helps!

  4. Sorry, I didn't see that you had replied. Is this what you meant? thanks
  5. Does anyone know any code or how to reduce the space between ADD TO CART + ADDITIONAL INFORMATION content? Without affecting how it looks on mobile... thank you !
  6. Hello, how would I purchase this extension + where can I see it, is it on Squarespace? thanks
  7. Hello, How can I reduce the spacing after "add to cart" and the copy below which appears in additional information? I have no experience with CSS, so if someone has coding for this could they also tell me where to put it! Thank you so much, x
  8. I am about to create a bilingual ecommerce website, but as this will have a shop, I don't think how squarespace recommend to set it up will work. Can I get a plugin for this or custom coding? Can anyone help on this. Does anyone know of a squarespace ecommerce site with this function that I can have a look at? And I don't want to have topurchase 2 sites. thanks
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