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  1. Doing a quick scan, I would recommend that you rethink how you show the articles on the News and updates section. The image thumbnails to the left are too big and add nothing to the article. Maybe reduce their size and make the news headline larger.
  2. @RasmusMFellow Swede! Glad you like it! I'll edit myself and show less photos, I agree! I decided to have the "contact me" visible at all times so if someone is interested my contact info is just a click away. I do believe people rather send a mail by clicking on a link than filling a form. Were you aware of the button or does it get lost? It is placed in a whole different position on mobile.
  3. @derricksrandomviews I agree, I will implement it! πŸ™ŒπŸ½
  4. @joequint I have a quite narrow niche so I didn't see it necessary to have different categories. I personally don't like clicking through different photo categories when I see someone's portfolio. I just want to see the best of someones work. I agree, a call to action somewhere always visible might help? Maybe I am showing too much photos and I should edit myself? Glad you like my work! ☺️
  5. Very nice with the black and white! It's possible to get what you are asking for with both Intercom and Hubspot.
  6. Site URL: https://www.davidmarquez.se/ Hi! https://www.davidmarquez.se/ I recently moved to 7.1 and decided to redo the site by having only the bare minimum and just let my portfolio speak for itself. Photo categories were completely removed and I have the photos shown large enough so there is no need for an extra click. I'd appreciate the feedback: Does it feel too simple? Are the photos on a good size? Bigger contact button maybe? Let me know what you think, thanks! David
  7. Site URL: https://digitalvenue.squarespace.com/ Hi! I have a very simple SS 7.1 landing page that should fit on one view on every browser without the need for scrolling, but somehow there are some pixels that won't allow this, and a very short (and bothering) scroll is still there. I have removed the header via css... Any pointers on how to make this cover 100% of the browser view eliminating the scrolling? Thanks!
  8. This will do the trick: https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugins/background-video-controls
  9. Hi @srodrigues, I'm quite sure Squarespace is quite aware that this is an area that needs work. Regardless of the connection speed and how well optimized videos are, they still take 3-4 seconds to start running. This should be happening immediately 😞
  10. Bumping this. Anyone who can help with this? I'm just trying to disable the hamburger menu so that the only linked page I have shows on the top when viewing on mobile.
  11. Hi... I only have one page on my menu and would like to disable the hamburger menu on mobile. Can't find where 😞
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