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  1. You're right, apologies, I should have clarified. I mean that it's 1 column view on desktop but on mobile it doesn't apply
  2. Site URL: https://www.anthonylozada.com/photodiary Hello! It'd be much appreciated if i could get help on how to make a specific photography page on my website, 1 column view.
  3. @tuanphan Hello! I'd love your help again. I want to get a one column view on in my photography section
  4. This is absolutely perfect. I am thankful for your help. Thank you
  5. @tuanphan I hope you were able to see my request
  6. Thank you so so much!!!!! You're amazing! One more thing, please. The two images I've posted show the issue I'm having, I illustrated wanting to be able to adjust the size of that section. I want it to be closer to "the house of medici" but I can't adjust how far it is from that section
  7. Hello, I need your wonderful help again! I want my footer to line up with my site header. I tried achieving that using spacers, but it wouldn't work. How can i go about doing that? Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://www.anthonylozada.com/music Password for website: red I'm trying to get an apple music widget in the music page on my website. I was successful in getting the spotify widget by placing a spotify link into the soundcloud player, and was wondering if there was a way to get a similar widget for apple music. I've tried embedding the code but it wouldn't work
  9. Wow, you absolutely read my mind! I was going to ask you about this. That screenshot is of the photography section. In the Shop, It's only 1 item/1row, I'd like to change that to make it 2 rows. I put in the CSS and it didn't change it. I appreciate your help so much
  10. I edited the picture so you could see. I'd like for it to be much closer.
  11. I still need some additional assistance in regard to the empty space when I'm in the shop, there's such a huge empty gap. How can I remove that empty space?
  12. https://rhino-gar-3ghz.squarespace.com/film/p1 First link in mobile view only shows 2 column view when it's 3 on desktop Password - red And here's the link to an item listing. All of them have that empty space on the top in the desktop view https://rhino-gar-3ghz.squarespace.com/shop/p/alocasia-yyche-2ctba
  13. I don't think i can share the site url since it isn't live but I've attached a few images. The first two is the difference between the desktop and mobile views. The third image is a new issue i have, I want the item description and check out area to match size proportionately with the item size, i haven't been able to do that. Also, I can't seem to get rid of that empty space above the item. How can i remove all of that empty space?
  14. The website isn't live yet, so hopefully this will work. https://rhino-gar-3ghz.squarespace.com/p1
  15. Hello! On my website, I have a photography section, and I have the images in 3 column view, but whenever I look at the page on mobile, it makes it a 2 column view. How can I make it a 3 column view on mobile? Thanks!
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