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  1. If it were possible to duplicate the $ page and delete items, maybe. If it were possible to easily duplicate items to add to the new pages, yeah, I'd give it a try. But there's no way I can re-enter all of the products on separate category pages at this point. I'll just have to go with a two-click store, one to get the preamble, and then you leave there for the cascade of items. For quick turnaround I don't know what else to do.
  2. Site URL: https://fwwm.org I work for a small nonprofit and due to COVID we've had to expand our website store offerings on the commerce page. The store manager wanted to include text about the store, about the business hours, etc., but there was no way to customize the commerce page to include this, or categories of goods. So we made a secondary landing page with galleries of the store items by categories. And it looks much better and is easier to navigate. But it doesn't work. As soon as you click on a product, all links take you back to the hidden commerce page. It defeats the whole purpose of the page we built. I have no idea how to change and reroute all the "back" links to this new store page. I would rather reroute the links than hide them, though I've managed to hide one with someone's helpful guidance on this forum. I'm still trying to sort through any posts that may help. I'm also trying to look at coding, though the pandemic will probably be over by the time I figure it out that way. I either need to be able to add some text to the commerce page, or change the links in the landing page. Anyone know how to do either??? Please and thank you ahead of time.
  3. CarlJ you are a genius and a wizard both. Thank you for helping me, too. I was getting ready to delete my whole store page because that link was taking me back to the commerce page, which lacks enough function for what we're trying to do. Now looking at the store item, there is a submenu which should be useful but it is not. Back and forward are fine, but is there a way to change the "back" to go to a different slug? If not, i need to delete it. Further, is there code to change the link in the product navigation so that it takes you to a different slug? I don't mind that it's there, as long as it takes you back to my new store page and not the commerce page. https://www.fwwm.org/museum-store-curbside-pick-up is the store I want to use https://www.fwwm.org/museumstore is the commerce site I do not want shoppers to redirect to via back buttons
  4. Wow!! They're adding to the cart! Congratulations and nice work!!! Unfortunately, our store is a small portion of our website, so having the store contained to a single page is going to be the only way, unless all the links to the store pages can be managed in one location . . . I'm still here just wishing i could add a text box to the commerce page. I'd settle for that.
  5. That seems like it would work, except when i disable the commerce store, none of the items are available anymore. I have the commerce site unlinked, and all links and back buttons take you to the unlinked commerce page, which is just a bunch of unorganized stuff. I don't know why this is so difficult. I'm not a code person, and we chose Squarespace so us regular folk can manage it without too much heartburn. That's pretty much what I did. But I still don't know how to get rid of our re-route that pesky link back to the hidden commerce page!! I'm trying to watch coding videos now to try and decipher where on the product pages I can change that without breaking everything. Thank you both for the feedback--I appreciate the help.
  6. Unclicking product navigation doesn't seem to change anything on the product page. The category navigation gets rid of all the categories, but it looks like I need to hide the meta info in the main content. The forward and backward links are fine to look at other products in the category, but the "back" link takes you to the commerce page, and not my reorganized store page. I'm not a code person at all, so i don't know how to change the code injection to hide this text or, preferably, change the link to the reorganized store page.
  7. Hmmm. I'm using 7.0 and the only option under products is whether to Show Category Navigation or not. Turning the Cat Nav off doesn't seem to affect navigation as it's set up on either page.
  8. I'm having a similar problem, which is now made worse by my workaround. I have a commerce page. It's not enough to simply have lines of items with no details and no other way of organizing them. So I made a separate page for curbside pickup with the gallery set up and extra information, products grouped logically by type and a flip through carousel to see the options. Easy browsing. HOWEVER!!!! When you click any item item, there's a link to go back to the "store." But it takes you to the terrible commerce page. I tried to redirect the link to the new store page, but that only works if the original page is disabled. I can't disable the commerce page because that's where all the items on the new page are listed and linked from. So the new page with the sensical organization of items is used once and then you are brought right back to the old page. All that work around to fix the commerce page and now I can't just get rid of the link! I don't know how to make this work.
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