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  1. You can rename the labels used on this page; I've changed the text to things like "Finish and Pay" "Book this and another", "Book a recurring session", etc. with some success. The issue I had was that when the users clicked "add this and another" they then didn't realise they could click the calendar again. I changed the "Continue" button to "Finish and Pay" to make it really clear and added instructions in a text box above the calendar; not very elegant but better. I suspect that some custom development to add a pop-up which asks "do you want to book another? Click the calendar again!" or similar...hopefully this might help. M
  2. Hi all, I'm also trying to find a way around this; I'd like the functionality to allow 1 transaction to fulfil multiple appointments, any suggestions/ideas welcome! Equally if I find a solution I'll share it here. My experience so far is that I can add multiple appointments for one TYPE but when I select another type from the drop-down, it clears the current selections. The membership concept is a great idea but doesn't work for my needs. Thanks Marcus
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