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  1. yes but: 1. AFAIK, people who know the code (i.e. if it's shared) can also use it just by having an account, am I wrong? 2. Also, I cannot send an email to someone who owns a product and has subscribed to the newsletter, I have to manually make the list of those people. As per EU regulation I cannot send emails to people who explicitly have subscribed to a newsletter, so emailing "everyone who owns a product" can be very illegal.
  2. I've seen there are so many basic ways to offer discounts that are missing... how do you guys deal with that? For example: I want to give a discount to all owners of Product A for product B I want to give all current clients (who created an account) a discount I want to prevent discounts to be applied on items already on sale. I want to send a discount code only to people who have purchased in the past with AND are subscribed to the newsletter (for legal reasons)
  3. Hi @paul2009 - this does not work, as soon as I delete the second picture, the product stops having that picture as a thumbnail for when it's added to cart. With two pictures: On the SKU thumbnail I can have the second picture as thumb: Once I remove the second picture: The picture on SKU disappears: Please mind that NEW EDITOR doesn't have this feature, which is something to miss when your product cover is a rectangular picture and the "cart picture" is a square picture. So, I am sure with CSS there must be a way to deactivate the swipes/left-right keystrokes?
  4. Anything you can do to help me @tuanphan? Thanks!
  5. Any of my poducts (for example https://www.audiobrewers.com/shop/p/ambisonics-test-library) contain 2 pictures, the "cover" picture and a small thumbnail that is visible for the Cart. I hid the carouser underneath but as you can see, even if you press left/right arrows AND if you slider left/right with your finger on mobile, it still goes to the next image! Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I have added 2 images to a product, but as "main" image I don't want the user to be able to go through them, I want it to be static. By adding //hide carousel in product page .ProductItem-gallery-thumbnails { display:none; } I managed to hide the thumbnails underneath the main image, HOWEVER, I can still move through the images by pressing left/right arrow keys AND by sliding my finder on mobile. How can I make that first imagine completely static? Thanks in advance!
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