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  1. I found something like this in another answer and it works: .sqs-gallery-design-strip img { margin-right: 2px; }
  2. Thanks, Nick, but that didn't work. I'm using hudson. does that matter?
  3. How do I add padding between images in a slider gallery?
  4. I found the following code in the forum but it’s not working. Is the problem the note at the bottom? I’m using the Adirondak template. .form-wrapper input[type=submit] { background-image: url(normalimage); } .form-wrapper input[type=submit]:hover { background-image: url(otherimage); } Note: For templates other than Jensen, you may need to alter the “.form-wrapper” selector. Use your browser’s DOM inspector to figure this out.
  5. Hi, I have three images on my home page. Right now I have the "display caption on hover" option turned on but I would like to create a rollover state for each image instead. I have the regular images and the rollover images ready to go. I just need the code. Do I need to do any additional code for the rollover image so that it conforms to the same shape and area as the regular image? For example, I have code to remove the padding from the image block for the regular image. Will this remove the padding from the rollover image or is additional code needed for this? Thank you.
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