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  1. Squarespace seems to have no direct access adding image alt tags. It seems SEO for images takes place with image-file-titles, titles and captions. I have read that these replace the image alt tags.... Not sure how. Maybe they figure the more other SEO options we use the less we need image alt tags. I prefer be able to use ALL SEO options. My questions are; Why would Squarespace not give you direct access to alt tags? Which is more SEO relevant Alt, Title, Caption or File-title? As way around this problem, wouldn't be better to hand code images with alt tags t
  2. I think I need to rethink my habits. I have been working from server access since Netscape days when, low K-weight, file folder organization and using an image more then once was a necessity. I still find myself hand coding pages because it seems easier. Just so I understand what you are telling me, Squarespace at some point will delete the images that I am not using Upload an image every time I need one on my site. Use an image only once. If the above is correct then the process of organization is very simple and succinct. Is the Sony Image Management an FTP
  3. How can I delete images from the "imported gallery"? I have uploaded images that look the same but are vastly different in resolution, size and crop. It is confusing to know which images I am using on the website and which I am not. I want to delete or designate the images I am not using so I can organize my "imported gallery" Thank you so much for your professional advice.
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