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  1. @bangank36, running into one more issue. when scrolling through the images in lightbox to the right, it works properly. however, when starting on photo one in a gallery and moving left, instead of going to the last image, it cycles through empty space for 5 to 10 clicks. Can you advise?
  2. Site URL: https://www.tealcanvas.com/ Hi Squarespace pros! We have a site that will launch within the next week or two. In our service, we need a pop up that includes our terms of service that a visitor must check a box to agree in order to work with us (a clickwrap). Unfortunately, squarespace does not offer this as a native feature. Has anyone any experience in this that may be able to help. We are still password protected.... Tealcanvas0202. We have been advised that a clickwrap rather than a browsewrap is key to protect us as a business.
  3. @tuanphan be your best friend if you help out? An above line is going to be instrumental as a call to action that is visible and immediate.
  4. There is already a button at the bottom of the page as produced in additional info. We want to duplicate this button above the line, right beneath their bio paragraph. It's our main call to action, so we don't want people to miss it if they do not scroll down. Thank you so much Tuanphan!
  5. Site URL: https://www.tealcanvas.com/ Good morning Squarespace community! We are about to launch a site that spotlights a number of artists available for unique commissioned pieces. Each artist on the site is represented in a product page. Above the line is their bio and examples of their past works. Below the line, in the additional info section is their range, turnaround time, and a photo of them. We have a button below the line, in this section, that is our call to action..... Contact artist. This links to a form that states a buyers intention to work with the artist. Obviously this is very important as it is the main drive for the site. However, it is buried all the way at the bottom, needing scrolling. We would like a similar button at the top of the page, near their name, their bio, or their portfolio. However squarespace does not allow a button to be included in the top portion of a product page. Does anyone know a workaround? We would love a similar button at the top of the product page. A ton of info I know, just want to clarify what we need. Thank you so much in advance! FYI, we are still password protected. If anyone wants to see what I mean... www.tealcanvas.com Password - Tealcanvas0202
  6. Site URL: https://www.tealcanvas.com/ Hi friends! We have a site where we are showcasing artists across a variety of styles and price points for unique commissions. Currently, in order to get in touch with an artist, we have a button at the bottom of each artist page (product page) connected to a squarespace form that will be sent to me. At this point, I would get in touch with the artist. However, to better automate responses and track orders, we would like to create the form in agile crm or mailchimp instead and then have a button linking to that external form. However, I cannot find a way to connect a button or form within squarespace that will be linked to either agile or mailchimp. Do I need to add custom code? Any help would be appreciated! The site has not yet launched, so is still behind a password - Tealcanvas0202 Jay
  7. Before I add, just want to make sure again, this should solve the problem of the lightbox going wide as opposed to representing the image as it is intended? If you have solved this sir, I appreciate you so much. It will add a good deal of life to our site.
  8. www.tealcanvas.com Tealcanvas0202 Thank you so much in advance. I turned off the lightbox feature I have a few people looking at the page, but I turned it back on now. I have a friend who looked into it and gave the following feedback.. " figured it out but not sure why as soon as you resize the browser even 1 pixel it works im wondering if its just an edit bug might be i have a feeling it might have something to do with viewing it within the edit dialogue lightbox works on jquery so it might work properly in a normal setting. not sure but worth checking
  9. Site URL: https://www.tealcanvas.com Hi! So we are prelaunch, so still password protected. We are showcasing artists for unique, personal commissions. Each artist has their own "product" page. In each product page, we are showing 10 plus examples of their prior work to show their individual style. We would like to lightbox each work in the page so it pops out. Here is the issue, each of the different art pieces in the product page is represented in a 2:3 vertical ration. However, when you click to lightbox each work, it shows in a stretched horizontal representation so all you can see is the middle of the painting stretched out (hope this makes sense). There is no way in squarespace to natively change the lightbox ratio so the paintings are popped out as presented. Any help would certainly be appreciated.
  10. @creedon somehow the additional values that had been in there on the back end got removed! I added some back in and it seemed to be working as expected, with price drop downs and the ability to purchase. However, when I checked back later, it is defaulting to our lowest value and all of the the other values are gone. It must be some kind of glitch, that since it can't show multiple price values they disappear. Any ideas for a workaround?
  11. @creedon that code added back in a purchase button to the gift card page. However, there is no drop down to be able to select the amount. It seems to default to our lowest amount ($50) when you click purchase. Any thoughts on how to add additional options? Or will be need to duplicate this page with different amounts on the backend or something?
  12. @creedon take a look at the page https://www.tealcanvas.com/artists/p/christina (site password is Tealcanvas0202) Scroll down to the bottom, to the "artists you may like" section. We do not want a price visible but it currently comes up as $0.00, which we want to hide. This functionality shows up on every product page (listed as each artist page in our case). Let me know if there is a way to suppress globally for all recommended products on the site. Additionally, is there any way to adjust how many recommended products are shown? I was told the max was 5, but I would rather change it to 6, or just 3, so that the page would look more balanced. Thanks!
  13. Apologize for the delay! Here is the link to the gift card page: https://www.tealcanvas.com/artists/p/gift-card Our site password is Tealcanvas0202 Any ideas on how to adjust the add to card code on just this page so that people can purchase gift cards would be much appreciated! It doesn't even show the value selection part, or have the ability to purchase. Thanks @creedon!
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