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  1. Thank you very much for looking into this so throughly, I really appreciate it. I just changed it from "slide" to "fade" and that seems to have fixed the issue of the photos jumping around! I can't believe that ended up fixing it, that was very perceptive of you to identify that as a possible cause. If you have the time, please check the website again on mobile to see if it is fixed for you as well. Navigating backwards seems to also work now, and the navigation buttons seem to be the respective left and right halves of the screen, so you do not need to aim for the small arrow icons. Unfo
  2. Site URL: https://insidefukushima.org/ I posted about an issue with the momentum template a few months ago stating that it is completely broken on mobile and it still has not been resolved. I'm not sure if this template is just not widely used, but I reported the issue to Squarespace, they said they were aware of it and would work on a fix, and they still have not done anything. My site, like every other site using momentum, is completely unusable on mobile. Attempting to swipe through the gallery causes it to instantly freeze and break, and even using the arrow keys causes it to break
  3. Per Sqaurespace's suggestion, I have been trying new gallery display methods (which all look substantially worse than momentum's default gallery setup) and I can confirm that hiding overflow works for desktop but not mobile. Something is overriding changes to overflow on mobile. Setting "overflow: hidden" in CSS disables overflow site-wide for desktop, along with applying it to the header for the full site under "advanced, code injection, header," but this does not work for mobile. I really have no idea what to do anymore. If disabling overflow works on desktop but not mobile then s
  4. Unfortunately that didn't work either. It almost seems like the scrolling can't be overridden. I emailed Squarespace to tell them that nothing will fix it and that my site is completely broken on mobile. They wouldn't give me an ETA last time I spoke to them, but maybe they'll fix it if I keep bugging them.
  5. This worked perfectly, thank you. I was trying to use the "@media only" before but it appears I was not wrapping it with style tags for HTML. I had only previously used it in the custom CSS tool. I will bookmark that page, that is very useful.
  6. Just tried it, unfortunately it still doesn't apply to mobile. The code is still in custom CSS, if you want to try scrolling through something like https://insidefukushima.org/no-entry-signs on mobile. I tried a few variations of @media screen since it worked site-wide for increasing the size of the information icon only on desktop. I don't understand why it won't work for disabling overflow. Is there perhaps a page specific solution that I could use through page header code injection? It's not ideal but I could apply something to every page under "photographs" throughout my site.
  7. Site URL: https://insidefukushima.org/home Hello, I'm using page header code injection to add a line of text to a "gallery" page. Unfortunately gallery pages do not allow for text boxes, so I had to use custom HTML lines. I was able to insert the text, however the text does not look good on mobile, so I would like for it to be only visible for desktop users. This is the HTML: <html> <head> </head> <body> <style> div.center { position: fixed; left: 50%; bottom: -21px; transform: translate(-
  8. I have not. I have tried some new CSS lines html, body { overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: hidden; } body { position: relative; } which seem to disable scrolling on desktop (which isn't even an issue), but nothing will fix the mobile scrolling issue.
  9. Site URL: https://insidefukushima.org/ Hello, I'm trying to disable scrolling (both horizontal and vertical) site-wide because it's completely breaking my website on mobile. My website is used to host images, and the template I'm using, Momentum, seems to have serious issues with displaying images on the mobile site format. The website is insidefukushima.org, and the issue begins in the photo galley pages, like https://insidefukushima.org/no-entry-signs. On a desktop, the page looks completely normal and you can scroll through the images by clicking on the left or right side of an
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