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  1. Site URL: https://www.vintagetimbers.net Hello, I did some coding for my image cards on the homepage to rotate on hover using the code: /*roatating image on hover*/ .design-layout-poster img, .design-layout-poster .image-overlay{ transition: 1s } .design-layout-poster:hover img,.design-layout-poster:hover .image-overlay{ transform: rotateY(180deg); transition: 1s } .image-card-wrapper{ transform:rotateY(180deg)!important; opacity:0; transition: 1s; } .design-layout-poster:hover .image-card-wrapper { opacity:1!important; transform:rotateY(0deg)!important; background: #3E4450; transition: 1s; } But for some reason on Chrome it works perfectly and on Safari it glitches out. Does anyone have an answer/suggestions to fix this problem? The site is www.vintagetimbers.net and the password is vintagetimbers Thanks so much!
  2. Do you know how to prevent this from happening also? My link 'jake@legacyenterprises.net' in the footer keeps bleeding over into the line below.. any way I can keep it in just a single line?
  3. Site URL: https://www.legacyenterprises.net Hi! I'm trying to shrink this footer logo in mobile view and I can't figure it out. The footer seems like its taking up half of the page in mobile right now. Can some one help? Thanks 🙂 Emilia
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