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  1. Site URL: https://www.crowdcooks.be Hi there, In order to use Weglot only on a specific page (so for one page fr.crowdcooks.be www.crowdcooks.be for the rest), I'd need to enable access from all the origins: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Is it something doable? Thanks Brigitte
  2. Hi Paul, thanks for the answer. Actually the checkout page in French only would be perfect. But I really don't dare to disable the developer mode as I've read it would remove all custom developments. I'll have a deeper look in weglot (already checked it as you mentioned it a couple of times in other threads but superficially).
  3. Site URL: https://www.crowdcooks.be Hi there, My client who has a SquareSpace website with developer mode enabled would like to have the checkout page in French (website is in French, English and Dutch). The default language is set to French but the checkout page is still displaying in English. He contacted the support who answered him this was because the developer mode is enabled. I'm jumping into this (didn't developed the website) and checked all the custom pages but can't really figure out why this page is in English. After googling for a while I noticed the page is absolutely
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