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  1. Sadly this did not work for me. Any suggestions? On mobile there are no thumbnails and no gallery arrows! https://friendsfirstphoto.com/print-shop/p/gallery-prints
  2. Site URL: https://friendsfirstphoto.com/offers/free-family-session I have 3 blogs on my website and one of them doesn't need the author profile. I noticed there's a class for that with a display switch. Can someone help me figure out how to place this code on the blog instead of using the switch which is site-wide?! .tweak-blog-item-show-author-profile.tweak-blog-item-text-alignment-left .blog-item-wrapper .blog-item-author-profile-wrapper { align-items: start; display: none; }
  3. GlynMusica have you heard anything back yet from SQSP? Because my fb ads pixel is for sure broken!
  4. Site URL: https://friendsfirstphoto.com/print-shop/p/gift-print I need the Squarespace hidden input field on all my product pages, not the popup so it saves with the order using the Buy button. I am happy to pay someone who knows how to accomplish this.
  5. Oh man this totally just worked!!! 🥰 tuanphan HOW CAN I DONATE TO YOU?
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