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  1. Hi,

    My Home Page SEO Title does not match the SERP results.

    Under the main SEO settings (Marketing/Seo) I have changed the Home Page Title so that it is:

    Personalised Wedding Invitations | Silk & Ink Designs (I have done this manually and removed %s as not working).  This is how I would like it to look/be displayed.

    In the SERPs, my title is showing as Silk & Ink Designs: Personalised Wedding Invitations.  Site title is switched with page name and the use of : rather than |

    I would be super grateful if anyone knows how to switch the SERP appearance so it looks like how I have typed it.

    Site has been recently crawled.

    Using 7.1, a few screen shots attached.

    Thanks so much.

    Screenshot_2020-11-20 wedding invitations - Google Search.png

    Screenshot_2020-11-20 Personalised Wedding Invitations Silk Ink Designs.png

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