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  1. Thanks, Unfortunately, this leads me right back to my second screen shot and it is showing how I would like it to look but its not translating in the SERP's.
  2. Hi, My Home Page SEO Title does not match the SERP results. Under the main SEO settings (Marketing/Seo) I have changed the Home Page Title so that it is: Personalised Wedding Invitations | Silk & Ink Designs (I have done this manually and removed %s as not working). This is how I would like it to look/be displayed. In the SERPs, my title is showing as Silk & Ink Designs: Personalised Wedding Invitations. Site title is switched with page name and the use of : rather than | I would be super grateful if anyone knows how to switch the SERP appearance so it looks like how I have typed it. Site has been recently crawled. Using 7.1, a few screen shots attached. Thanks so much.
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