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  1. Happy to help, Kim. There is still some code in your site headers (nice site, by the way) which may be causing the bug in the menus. It begins: <style id="sectionThemesStyles"> /*! Squarespace LESS Compiler (less.js language v1.3.3) */ It then adds a huge amount of styles which show up on your site (e.g. background colours to blocks) which may be the reason for the bug. Maybe it's not a problem for you but it's actually bugging ME because I can't work out how it got there or why it's there at all 😊
  2. On closer inspection it seems as though your site's styles are being overridden by something called 'LESS compiler'. Is it possible that your site is in developer mode (Settings, Advanced, Developer Mode)? Or are you using a plugin? Or is there code injected into your site's header or footer (Settings, Advanced, Code Injection)?
  3. Weird. There does seem to be a bug in your case - I can't reproduce it. You could try adding the following to Custom CSS: .summary-metadata.summary-metadata--primary {display:none !important;}
  4. Hi. The option should be under the 'Content' tab. Set primary and secondary metadata to 'none'.
  5. Hi BaNgan. Sorry, I didn't see your message until now. I don't use plugins but I hope someone else will be able to help. Good luck.
  6. The option was probably less visible before they changed the look of the interface recently - although I can't for the life of me remember what it looked like before.
  7. I'm always learning 😊 Funnily enough, I just got a reply from Squarespace Support telling me that the reason my lightbox code wasn't working was because I'd neglected to turn it on. They sneakily put the button back before telling me this 😁
  8. The missing lightbox toggle has now been reinstated to the summary block design tab 🙂
  9. Thanks iannoli! Glad to know that I wasn't going crazy! I noticed the change in interface to resemble 7.1 - which is fine by me - but I did wonder whether the change in behaviour of lightboxes within summary blocks was somehow linked to the alignment of 7.0 with 7.1. It now seems as though the default behaviour of a summary block on clicking an image is to open the lightbox in the target (e.g. gallery) page rather than in the page where the summary block resides. My workaround is currently to copy the code generated by the summary block, paste it into a code block and change the json variable
  10. I thought I knew this already, but I wasn't 100% sure. Thanks for the confirmation. I started using summary blocks only recently and they definitely add an extra dimension in website architecture and style.
  11. Replying to my own post here 😊 I've narrowed it down to the following: the summary block ("sqs-block summary-v2-block sqs-block-summary-v2") is a json block (data-block-json). Among the string of variables is "&quot;lightbox&quot;:false,". That is the culprit. But I see no way of changing it to true (although my workaround is to copy all of the block code for each page and put it in a code block, then change "false" to "true". It would be nice not to have to do that). As I mentioned, the default lightbox variable in my summary blocks seems to have been "true" in the past, whe
  12. Thanks for the reply. What you say makes a lot of sense and is consistent with what I'm seeing. But the behaviour of the lightbox in summary blocks seems to have changed in the last few days. The template I used where pages successfully open a lightbox in the summary block is Jones. But, as of the last few days, any new summary block I add in the same website displays the behaviour I don't want, i.e. it opens the gallery page and then the lightbox. Older pages work, while newly added ones don't. That's why I wondered whether there had been a recent change in the code generated by summary
  13. Site URL: https://gallery23.co.uk/robinson Good morning all, I may be going crazy but I have a feeling that there has been a very recent change in the code which Squarespace generates when adding a summary block to a blank page. The URL I mention (like several other pages on the site) has a summary block at the bottom which points to a gallery page in 7.0. Clicking on an image in the carousel opens the lightbox view BUT it opens the lightbox in the gallery page, not in the page which contains the summary block. I finished another website less than a month ago. Clicking on an image
  14. Mine's fixed too. I share your hope that it sticks. Fortunately I have only one site on 7.1 ... the one which advertises my services as a Squarespace hand-holder and designer of beautiful websites 😂. 7.0 seems pretty solid but 7.1 doesn't fill me with confidence.
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